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This is what some of our clients have to say about us:

Debbie Bramwell (Mainstay Project Management Limited
Here is a list of the things I think are great about the service…

Having a single point of contact and a regular team working on the books (e.g. Mark for payroll and yourself) – I really like knowing I am able to pick up the phone to you when I need to. Whenever I have a question it is always easy to mail or speak to you directly and you always explain very clearly (and patiently). You are very pro-active – e.g. spotting when I was on the wrong tax code and when the agency only part pays my invoices – although I am on top of some of these things I am confident knowing that you are also actively looking for these kind of things. I was very impressed when you helped me with that HMRC enquiry last year (or the year before) as it related to a self assessment I had done myself, you went over and above what was required. The process is very easy, just a simple template and then send anything else in an envelope. The turnaround time on month end etc is usually very quick, and not restricted by cut off dates which works for me as sometimes I do my month end immediately and sometimes not.
Emmanuel Aramide (Aramide Consulting Limited)
I have been dealing with the guys at Alvin Lawrence for over 2 years now. I find their service to be very professional, straightforward and easy to understand. They make the most of the information available to them to provide the best support for their clients. I have recommended them before and will highly recommend them again, especially to IT contractors out there.

And the service is very reasonably priced too...

David Freestone (JJ Services)
Their service is very professional, straightforward and easy to understand. They take a personal interest in your business. I have recommended them before and will highly recommend them again.

Loretta Marconi (Lomar Prosperity Limited)
Courteous and friendly staff who are willing to help
Timely delivery of company accounts
Provide guidance and explanations around HRMC procedures more so patient to new users of processes
Personable service e.g going through account queries
Very diverse service who complete forms on behalf of the client which is a bonus for those of us who are short of time
Reliable, proactive, and professional service acting on my company's behalf. I do not have to worry about or chase my accounts

Iain Ollerenshaw (Ollerenshaw IT Ltd)
Myself and Debs are always singing your praises so it would be an honour to feedback on my experience.

Without exception, the service I've received from Alvin Lawrence has been excellent. Payroll is always processed quickly and accurately. Whenever I've had queries about any of the services that you provide, the response has been concise, clear, accurate and timely. I really appreciate the fact that any questions that I pose are dealt with professionally and completely, no matter how trivial they may appear at the time. You and your colleagues are friendly, polite and knowledgeable which means I always feel I can talk to you about matters, without feeling intimidated or foolish!

Overall, I have complete confidence in your handling of my company's financial affairs and thus am able to focus my attentions solely on the services that I myself offer to my customers.

I hope this reflects just how satisfied I am with the service you provide!

Nick Wilson (NMW IT Services)
Having used Alvin Lawrence for nearly 5 years now I am very impressed and pleased with the service that they supply to their clients on all levels. My one and only problem I have had in this time was very quickly rectified by the staff once they had realised the mistake. I would and have recommend them to any contractors out there wishing to use an efficient and professional company at a more than reasonable price.

Greig (Echo Technologies LTD)
Very quick response times to any of my queries. Within a few hours.
Simple to follow PAYE schemes for employers and employees. Helps me know how much tax to pay monthly in HMRC VAT return calculations computed with 1 days every quarter..
Very helpful and efficient in getting self assessment statements and interim company accounts when applying for mortgages and loans.
Always someone to speak to if my point-of-contact Seeven is not available.

P. Sladden (IT Consultant)
As a fresher to the world of contracting, I was unsure about the different payment solutions available to contractors and which one would benefit me most. I was referred to Alvin Lawrence & Co by my recruitment agency and I received a very informative phone call from them. I was then able to decide, that setting up my own company would be the best thing for me to do. I thought I’d be lumbered with paperwork, but other than invoicing my clients, I hardly have to do anything. I never thought it would be this straight-forward. Highly recommended!

O. Lawal(Property Investor)
I came across Alvin Lawrence & Co when I was looking for a new accountant due to my previous accountant retiring. I initially hired them to complete my self-assessment tax-return and I was really impressed with their friendliness, efficiency and attention to detail. They also spotted various errors and issues with my finances and they also gave me excellent advice on my investments. I have now been with Alvin Lawrence & Co for 18 months.

T. Hillingsworth (Freelance Web Developer)
Having been with a few umbrella companies, I didn’t really see the benefit, as I wasn’t taking much more money than I was working permanently. I was hesitant about the limited route when I began working contracts because the responsibilities that comes with being a director. Whilst speaking to their consultant, I was given a clear breakdown of how their accountancy service works, what I have to do on a monthly basis and what I could take home. Not only was the projected take home very attractive, their services worked out cheaper that what I had been paying to the umbrella companies. It was a no-brainer for me!

G. Singh (Logistics Business Owner)
I would like to strongly recommend Alvin Lawrence & Co for their outstanding professionalism and dedication to our business over the years. Their ability to quickly respond to queries and provide advice is absolutely fantastic. I can honestly say that I know our accounts are in the safe hands of proactive accounting professionals.

R.Beadle (Manufacturing Business Director)
They have literally saved my business tens of thousands of pounds. My previous accountant failed to advise me on certain tax liabilities, which left my business with a huge bill from HMRC. After analysing my accounts, they rectified the errors dramatically reducing the bill from HMRC. They are always so helpful and I can always get hold of my accountant.

R. Maunsell (Construction Worker)
I hired Alvin Lawrence & Co to do my self-assessment tax return. After I sent them all of my details, they completed my return in a couple of hours and told me that I was due a rebate. I was very happy with that but I was very grateful for their understanding and speed. I will definitely use them again.

K. Badirus (Furniture Trader)
I left it very late to complete my last self-assessment. I spoke to a colleague who recommended Alvin Lawrence to me. I visited their office and they completed my self-assessment whilst I was waiting in their office. They’re all very friendly and I would recommend them to anyone.