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Tax Rebate Service- No Rebate No Fee

Does any of the following affect you? Then you could be due a refund!!

You started a new job and are taxed under an emergency code
HM Revenue and Customs sent the wrong tax code to your employer
HM Revenue and Customs made an assessment which was too high
You have short-term jobs or have more than one employment
You are a student who only worked for part of the year and did not complete form P38S
Your earnings in the year were less than the tax threshold
You had more than one job at the same time
You stopped work and did not get any taxable earnings or benefits for the rest of the year
You are a working visitor in the UK
You are a UK Citizens emigrating or leaving to work full-time abroad

Why not let us help you get some money back from the Tax man for a change.

For more details call us on now 0208 588 9699 to discuss your self assessment requirement. Or fill out our Contact Form or send us an email on info@alvinlawrence.co.uk

You could be on your way to that dream holiday this summer!!!