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Switching Accountant

Are you unhappy with the service you’re receiving from your current accountant?
Are you being over-charged?
Are you not getting the support you need?

If the answer to any of the question above is YES, we can help you. You’ll find switching to us surprisingly painless.

If you are already contracting then you will have an idea of all the options available to you. Transferring to Alvin Lawrence & Co from your current accountant is very easy. If you do not currently have an accountant we can also provide you with a service.

We will need you to send us the following documents:

Copy of your latest Annual Accounts if you have one
Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of association

We will send you a form to complete and send back to us. You will also need to provide us with the NAME, ADDRESS and CONTACT NUMBER of your current accountant, on the registration form and we will contact them officially to request handover documents.

Call us on now 0208 588 9699 to discuss your requirement. Or fill out our Contact Form or send us an email on info@alvinlawrence.co.uk

Specialist Contractor Accountant - Edgware, Middlesex, London UK